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Dear motor sports friends!

It's possible, to buy our photos in digital form. You can buy the photos in 3 different qualities.

600 x 900 Pix - only qualified for web - not usable for prints! 

1080 x 1620 Pix (Full-HD) - it's useful for web or watching on monitor. You can use it for prints in a small format, for example 10 x 15 cm.

Full Pix - the photo has the full picture resolution.

How can you buy all photos from one driver?

Select for the first picture: "Pix von einem Fahrer Grundpr." (it means "Pix all for one driver basic price) and put it in the shopping basket. 

Select for all the next photos: "Pix von einem Fahrer Folgebild" (it means "Pix for one driver following photo) and put it in the shopping basket to.


Have a nice time with the photos!

Best Wishes

Frank's Phototeam